New VP for Yorkshire and Humber

We are delighted to announce that the new Vice-President for the Yorkshire and Humber branch of the HPMA is Ian Brandwood, Executive Director of People and Engagement for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

Although Ian has not had much past involvement in the HPMA, he is keen to bring his wide range of experience in a variety of public health sector roles to help strengthen the support available to branch members in Yorkshire and Humber.

Ian is a strong advocate for the role of HR in improving patient care. “I am really passionate about how HR can make a difference to the bottom line. And by that I mean patient care, which is what really matters and excellent customer service.

“I sometimes feel that HR operates a bit in a vacuum and I am keen to see that change. I think also that HR tends to be good at doing the nice bits of people management but that it is not always so good at dealing with the harder parts of the job and the things that really matter and make a difference to patient care so I would like to see that improve.”

Ian believes that the HPMA has a vital role in setting standards and showing HR teams what excellence looks like. Links with the CIPD mean that the HPMA can also interpret some of their standards for the health service.

Although Ian has only just taken on the role, he says his first steps will be to understand what it is that organisations need to deliver good HR practice and then to focus on how the branch can support members to do that.

If you have any views, ideas or opinions on the branch, please email Ian at

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