Immigration bill has implications for recruitment

 A proposed immigration bill outlined by prime minister David Cameron in a speech made at the Home Office could have far-reaching consequences for employers who recruit from outside of the European Union, Kerry Garcia, head of immigration at law firm Stevens & Bolton’s has said.

The bill, to be included in the Queen's speech this week, could change the rules and regulations around employing migrants, reports the CIPD.

If the planned legislation comes into force, it is likely to impact businesses in sectors with a shortage of skilled workers, Garcia warned. A visa levy on businesses which use foreign workers is also being considered to help fund apprenticeships.

In his speech, Cameron said he would ask the Migration Advisory Committee to advise on significantly reducing the level of economic migration from outside the EU and said the government would also seek to limit the time professions could be classed as having a skills shortage.

"Some professions are on the Shortage Occupation List year after year and nothing is being done about it," said Cameron.

Roles on the list include biological scientists, software professionals and many healthcare roles, including social work and psychiatry.

"Sectors that have become over-reliant on migrant workers will be encouraged to train Brits instead. What’s more, we’ll make it illegal for employment agencies to recruit solely from abroad without advertising those jobs in Britain and in English," Cameron added.

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