Growth in presenteeism continues for fifth year in a row

One in three employers have reported an increase in staff coming to work while they are ill, the CIPD Absence Management Survey 2015 has revealed.
Nearly a third (31 per cent) of organisations reported a rise in staff presenteeism over the last year, but more than half (56 per cent) of survey respondents admitted that they hadn’t taken any steps to discourage this kind of behaviour.
The survey of 600 employers, representing more than 1.5 million staff and conducted in partnership with Simply Health, revealed that this is the fifth consecutive year that the number of employees attending work despite being sick has risen.
The research found that presenteeism is more likely to occur in organisations where long working hours are the norm and operational demands take precedence over employee well-being.
Employers who report an increase in presenteeism are nearly twice as likely (41 per cent) to also report an increase in stress-related absence. The percentage of employers reporting this type of sickness absence rises to 51 per cent in public sector organisations where the austerity cuts have taken a huge toll.
These organisations are also more likely to report increases in reported mental health issues, according to the report.

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