About Us

Our Vision Improving health through people
HPMA believes that every health and care organisation should excel in the way that they manage their people. Great people management leads to improved health outcomes and quality of care, resulting in a healthier and more cared for nation. People caring for people. People managing people. Health and care organisations caring for their people. HPMA aims to set the culture for great people management for great care, supporting professionals involved in people management to deliver great people management and great care, every day. Supporting our people to deliver the best possible healthcare.
Our Strategy Professional Networks Sharing experience, challenges & successes

  • National Council
  • Branch Committees
  • Directors/Deputies Networks
  • Business Partner Networks
  • Cross Sector Networking
  • Conferences

Continual Development Building competence, confidence and credibility

  • Competency frameworks
  • Learning needs analysis
  • Development events
  • Development programmes
  • Personal development
  • Career Development

People & HR Excellence Great people management leading to improved outcomes

  • People strategies
  • Learning from the world's best
  • Excellence Awards
  • Educating and advising leaders and managers
  • APPRECIATE Campaign

Building HPMA

National co-ordination and support:
Working with sustem partners to influence thinking, policy and decision making.


Building membership:
Increasing membership and value of offering to all members


Member-led movement:
Activities shaped by members, through well-organised and well-funded branches.

The October issue sees the launch the HPMA Conference & Awards 2020: Architects of Ch

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