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HPMA NI Autumn Workshop - Effective self-coaching for personal success

Wednesday 14 November 2012
Lylehill suite, Hilton hotel, Antrim

Workshop aim - To increase personal effectiveness for long term personal growth and professional development

Learning outcomes
• Increase understanding of emotional intelligence and how it can sustain personal effectiveness
• Learn and practise some basic self coaching techniques to increase self confidence and determination
• Develop coaching skills to pro-actively set, monitor and sustain personal goals

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Engaging people workshop by Walter Bradley
7 December 2011

The aim of this workshop was to enable participants to improve staff engagement within their areas and to become more motivating and inspirational managers.

The session began by requiring attendees to list the challenges facing the service during 2012 and beyond. It was then highlighted that by engaging your team and being both inspiring and motivational that you as an organization are more able to meet the challenges that are being faced.

Walter Bradley then went through the triangle of success which comprises of skills, attitude and knowledge. It was highlighted that attitude is the most important element of this triangle and then stressed that managers should ensure they demonstrate a ‘can do’ and a positive attitude within their areas.

The importance of ensuring that teams operate outside of their comfort zone was discussed and Walter Bradley instilled genuine fear across all attendees when he announced that he had placed a marker under one attendee’s seat and that they would have to go to the front of the room and sing karoke to everyone! I have never seen so many worried looking HR professionals in a room before. The purpose of this was to show how it felt to be taken to the edge of the comfort zone. Thankfully no such marker was placed under anyone’s seat however it was noted by all that it was a very good, if not scary, illustration of this point!

Attendees were then taken through how to build trusting relationships and given really good and helpful advice in relation to how to do this successfully.

The HPMA would wish to congratulate Walter Bradley on his delivery of this extremely helpful and interactive workshop which was felt by the attendees as being both really timely and very useful. 

Pictured below is Walter Bradley (second from left) with HPMA NI committee members




The Employment Law workshop held by HPMA (NI) on 14 April 2011 could not have been better timed given the recent changes in Legislation. The workshop, facilitated by June Turkington, Assistant Chief Legal Adviser from the Directorate of Legal Services.

HPMA Northern Ireland Branch 2011-Annual General Body Meeting and
HR Workshop on Modernising Systems - Changing Practice 

26 January 2011  ~ Wednesday - 9.30 am - 12 Noon
Fern House, Antrim Area Hospital, Antrim

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HPMA Northern Ireland Branch held a workshop on 15th October 2009 on Workforce Productivity and the Comprehensive Spending Review at Hilton Templepatrick, Antrim.

The aim of the workshop was for Diane Taylor, Acting Director of Human Resources, DHSSPS, to present her vision for the future of HR in the climate of the service challenges faced within the Comprehensive Spending Review programme and the drive for workforce productivity improvement. Another aim was to give participants an insight into what it is like to work at the Department and the competing demands placed on staff.

On the morning of the conference Diane Taylor was urgently required by the Minister of Health to attend another meeting so she was unable to present at the conference. However her Deputy Director, Joyce Cairns, who was due to attend the workshop as a participant, kindly stepped in at the last minute. Joyce Cairns certainly knows what the competing demands placed on staff are like at the Department!

The HPMA Committee would wish to congratulate Joyce Cairns on her delivery of this presentation and noted participant comments which described her presentation as both interesting and insightful.


HPMA NI Committee members along with Joyce Cairns (Centre), Deputy Director of Human Resources, DHSSPSNI.

Joyce Cairns began the workshop by providing attendees with background information on the Comprehensive Spending Review and what can be expected in the forthcoming years.

Joyce Cairns then covered PSA Commitments to give an insight into the Departments priorities. She then referred to the Appleby Report and the impact this has had and continues to have on the service. Participants heard of the productivity differences between Northern Ireland and England and of the working group that has been set up to investigate and make recommendations to address the identified gaps.

Productivity measures were then discussed and Joyce Cairns went through in detail, some of the targets currently in place. This ranged from hospital productivity, absenteeism, skills mix changes within both nursing (74:26 qualifies/unqualified) and the allied health professions (84:16 qualified/unqualified) etc.

Joyce Cairns concluded by providing some facts and figures on the labour market and how we can all work smarter to meet the service demands.

At the end of the conference participants were divided into four groups and were asked to present back on the following:

1. In your view, what productivity measure can be taken to enhance the patient experience
2. Are we looking and measuring the right things
3. In HR, how can you contribute to the process
4. How can best practice be shared.


Joyce Cairns concluded by thanking everyone for their suggestions in relation to the above and agreed to take back to the Department with her for consideration.

HPMA would wish to thank Joyce Cairns and all participants for making this workshop a success. We hope to see you all again at the forthcoming workshop.



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