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HPMA NI Annual Conference 2013

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 HPMA NI Annual Conference 2012

…….Being the best we can be

The focus of the Conference was to engage all HR staff in getting ready for the challenges which lie ahead in the next year and in doing so to strive to be the best in the competitive HR environment in which we all the full review.

Heather Ellis
May 2012 

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HPMA NI Conference 2010

HPMA Northern Ireland Branch held its annual conference on 14th May 2010. The purpose of the Conference was to demonstrate how the HR function and individual practitioners must be adaptable to change and equipped to support Trusts through the challenges facing them.

Regular attendees of HPMA Northern Ireland events will recall that at the last HPMA Workshop on Productivity and CSR, there was some time set aside for attendees to provide suggestions on areas they would like to be covered during the Conference. The HPMA Committee found this feedback to be very helpful and wish to thank members for their help shaping the Conference and making it a success.

The Conference has a full day programme with Wilma McIlroy taking the helm as conferene facilitator.

Sean Donaghy, Deputy Secretary and Senior Finance Director, DHSSPSNI, was the first speaker of the day and he opened the Conference by providing a wider context for attendees. During his presentation he outlined the current financial context that we are now operating in. An overview of the Appleby Report and the further work undertaken by the DHSSPS/DFP Steering Group was highlighted. He then detailed the future challenges and next steps.

Kelvin Cheatle, HPMA President provided an overview of the challenges facing Human Resources at present. Kelvin highlighted the huge progress that the profession has made over the past 20 years and his belief that it is are now well equipped to take forward the current challenges we are facing. He highlighted the need for the profession to be innovative beyond the boundaries we have worked with before. He stressed that business partnering is the way forward to enable us to assist the organization move forward and survive in our ever challenging times. He complimented the strong N.I. branch for its robust and comprehensive programme for the conference.

Lynn Carson, Managing Director of DMS Ireland, spoke on “Return on Investment – How do we make it happen?” Lynn highlighted the increasing pressure on HR teams to demonstrate how they are adding value to the organization and highlighted the differing ways in which this could be done such as an HR balanced scorecard. Lynn then took attendees through the CIPD HR Professional Map and provided detailed packs for attendees to take away to learn more about this innovative new tool. Lynn then advised of a new on-line self assessment tool for career development and challenged everyone present to assess their capability against this.

Eamonn Molloy
, Director of Human Resources and Corporate Affairs, South Eastern Trust began his presentation by outlining the context and scale of reform since April 2006 and went on to speak of the challenges for HR professionals to support the service in moving forward. He highlighted the importance of paying attention to the culture of the organization and the importance of staff engagement. He then highlighted the role we must play in supporting line managers and ensuring that we connect workforce reform to service improvement. Eamonn then concluded with “Wee Molloy’s hierarchy of Good HRM, the title of which attendees found amusing but the content which they found insightful.

Diane Taylor, Acting Director, DHSSPS, gave attendees an insight into an HR Directors perspective on the year ahead. She provided an interesting reflection into her typical week at the Department and gave an overview of the key HR priorities facing Trusts in 2010/11. She then concluded by highlighting the importance of HR and what we must do take the profession forward.

Mary Keightley, Joint Managing Director of Mind Associates, engaged the audience on her interesting area of emotional resilience. During her presentation she highlighted the importance of recognizing our own emotions and those around us and highlighted ways that we can do this better. She told us why emotional resilience matters and outlined the difference between EI and IQ. Mary talked also of social intelligence. She used short exercises to highlight her learning points such as mood assessments and while this was fun for the audience there were many important messages for us all.

Ann McConnell, Assistant Director of Human Resources, Western Trust advised attendees of a new HR Staff Development Programme for Band 4-6 within HR that will shortly be launched. This programme will consist of a 2 day module to start the process and will follow with 3 x 2 day modules for skills development. There will then be a 12 week interval for group work and consolidation following which there will be a final module for participants to present their modernization and improvement project which they will be required to complete. Ann advised that further details of the programmes will shortly be forwarded to Trusts.

Attendees then spent some time carrying out group work based on a case study scenario. This enabled attendees to use the knowledge they had gleaned from the speakers during the day.


It wouldn’t be an HPMA conference without prizes and below are the lucky attendees won a prize on the day.





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