It’s all about the data

The past few weeks have been testing times for the NHS and HR in particular; called upon to provide data at a moment’s notice to help inform decisions around efficiencies and cost improvements; meeting the new agency spend cap and getting ready for the comprehensive spending review to be announced on 25th November.

When the data is available and accurate, it can open options and support decision-making. That’s why, as part of the learning needs analysis, we invited members to share their HR workforce data. We want to use this data to inform our decision around the 2016/17 development plan and HR talent management for London.

So far, 13 organisations have participated and the more data we have, the more accurate our analysis and the picture of HR in London.

Here’s what we have so far…

* HR professionals make up less than 0.01% of the total workforce across London

* By organisation, HR account for between 0.75 and 2.5% of the workforce. It is interesting to note that it is the larger organisations who have proportionately smaller teams – there is something to be said for economies of scale.

* The most frequently occurring job titles were:

Role Count
Resourcing advisor 51
ER advisor 43
HR advisor 41


* The band profile creates a typical bell curve, low numbers at band1 and band 9 and gradually increasing on either side. The highest number of staff are employed at band 4 (183) followed by band 6 (152)

What conclusion can been drawn from this data? What are the implications for talent management and succession planning? Join in the conversation on Linkedin…


By Sharon Probets HPMA London Academy Learning and Development Consultant


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