HPMA Excellence in HRM Awards

So after the historic and rather tumultuous couple of weeks we have had in British politics it was good to have the HPMA Excellence awards to celebrate last Thursday evening. And it certainly was a great evening of celebrating the amazing work in people management that occurs in our health and care organisations across our four nations. During the awards, Stephen Moir, Chief People Officer, for NHS England recognised the need for inclusion and appreciation of all the EU and international people in our organisations on behalf of us all. It was a proud moment to hear the large applause in the room in support of this.
It was a particularly special event this year as not only was it our 25th awards it's also the 40th anniversary year of the founding of HPMA. Plus, we had more people than ever attending the event as well as the highest number of entries ever. So there were some big numbers celebrated. Everyone looked amazing and there was a real buzz in the room. It's always so good to see how thrilled the winners are when they come on stage to accept their award. I hope that those of you that were able to join us had a great time and those of you that couldn't – check out the photos! There were also quite a few selfie moments! It was obviously an extra special week for our Welsh team who were overall winners and came up to collect their awards wearing red Wales T-shirts.
We know how much effort goes into entering the awards and it’s a great honour to win so it's a shame not everyone could walk away with a trophy. But remember there were lots of great ideas and outstanding pieces of work which are vital to share so we will be ensuring this is done. Our full list of winners can be found here.
And thank you to our judges, sponsors, partners and supporters, without who these awards would not be possible. (HPMA Awards)
It's been quite a year for HPMA so, before we announced the award winners, I recapped some of HPMA news and some thoughts about the importance of what we do in the world of 'people management' in healthcare.
Our vision is simple:Improving health through people. HPMA believes that every health and care organisation should excel in the way that they manage their people. Great people management leads to improved health outcomes and quality of care, resulting in a healthier and more cared for nation.
The requirement for the awards is that they demonstrate how they can share the learning which can be supported by the three pillars of our strategy – professional networks, continuous development and,people management and HR excellence.
In our vision we talk about People caring for People.It's amazing now to hear so many parts of the health and care system saying this. Its importance is so much clearer when we can connect with a personal story. So I took a moment to think about someone who is one of our own. Someone who has attended these events in the past. Not all of you will know her, however, she was someone I, and many others in London worked with. Annette Hulme, nee Gately, was a well-respected member of the London HRD community for many years. She was diagnosed with cancer several years ago and has been battling her condition bravely. She is in need of the compassionate care which we all strive to ensure our people give. I am told that there is already a long list of nurses who have promised to provide that care voluntarily when the time comes. She gave so much to her work in the health service and it is fitting that she receives this back. This is what we unlock through great people management – engaged and highly motivated people giving huge discretional effort. We then joined together to celebrate the contribution Annette made, the achievements of everyone there and all the great care provided by the million plus people who work in our health and care services every day.
I was also delighted to announce on the night that the Charity Commission had that week approved HPMA to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. So what does this mean for us? Charitable status brings independent recognition of the importance of what HPMA stands for, and the wider benefits of excellence in people management. In addition, the new organisational form establishes a strong foundation for HPMA, ensuring we are well-led with a sound governance structure to provide more support to our members and work in partnership with others to do more for healthcare.
So there was lots for everyone to celebrate this year and it was fabulous to see so many "PEOPLE, PARTYING AND PROUD”!

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