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 Dear Members, VPs, Partners and Colleagues

As Christmas and winter fast approaches, so does the many challenges we all face on all fronts, personal and professional!
HPMA is also facing its own exciting challenges as it moves to a new organisational form of becoming a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) in 2016, and further develops its offer to recognise, share, celebrate and inspire excellence in HR in the NHS across the UK. 
The decision to review our governance structures commenced in early 2015, and was undertaken by a sub group of the Council. This has resulted in a number of changes to improve our effectiveness and allow us to grow and develop for the future.  The main change I am pleased to report is that we are now in a shadow form CIO with a board of Trustees, and we hope that our new organisational form will be confirmed in early 2016.
But what does this mean for me, I hear you ask – an improved structure that is fit forthe future and can maximise how we use our resources, enter into contracts, employ people to provide members with more benefits and also limit the risks and liabilities of those on the National Council and our members.  Being a Charity, HPMA will also benefit from favourable tax treatment and will compare well with other organisations, like the CIPD, HFMA, NHS Confederation and many of the Royal Colleges, as they are all charities.   
It will also provide an excellent platform from which to launch our exciting new strategy for the future, to support you in the difficult times ahead, by expanding the HPMA academy model out into the branches and continuing to develop opportunities with key stakeholders to support our own professional development. This will put us in a strong position for the future. So watch this space and we will keep you posted!
As the Deputy President and VP with a lead for cross sector working, it is also a good opportunity to inform you about some of the exciting  opportunities that we are currently in discussion about, with HR professionals and Employee groups across a number of different sectors. The challenges we all face are similar no matter what the sector, including recruiting and retaining people with the right skills and behaviours, and reward strategies to name a few.  
Therefore over the past few months I have been meeting key stakeholders in the NHS, the University sector and local Government to look at what opportunities exist for sharing best practice across sectors, developing our profession and providing wider networking opportunities, etc. We hope to give you more details of events across the country in early 2016 – so keep watching!
Over the last few months there has been lots of activity in the branches with some excellent events and I know many more are planned for 2016.  At least three branches are at the stage of considering the academy model and this is fantastic news! It is clear there is the potential to do more as the HPMA aims to share excellent HR practice within the regions and beyond, which we hope will be highlighted by all submitting further case studies of ‘Excellent HR practice' of as part of the prestigious HPMA National Awards 2016. 
So celebrate good practice and start thinking now about your submissions. What will be your New Year resolution?

I would also like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from allof the HPMA Council and Trustees.
Keep safe and enjoy the festivities whatever you may be doing.

This issue brings you a round-up from our UK Conference in Manchester last month with articles fr

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