East of England summer event

The HPMA East of England summer event, which was held on Thursday 4th June at Newmarket Race Course, was highly valuable and informative and the attendees went away armed with plenty of ideas on improving practice.

It was a really interesting morning that started with an interactive session by Jeremy Lazurus from The Lazurus Consultancy. It focused on eliciting employees’ core values and putting this knowledge to great effect to improve employee engagement. Jeremy demonstrated how to engage an employee in discussion about their own personal values – what matters most to them about their career or job – and what techniques you can use to validate this and help get a sense of priorities. He then honed in on how this can be used in a variety of situations such as an appraisal or change management situation to help ensure the best fit of the employee’s values with those of the organisation.

The benefits of how better employee engagement leads to better productivity and, in the case of the NHS, better patient care are well known and the great thing about this tool is that its relevance to improving employee engagement is clearly evident. Having the chance to try out the tool in practice got the grey matter whirring away and it’s an easy one to take back to the ranch for use in both one-to-ones and team meetings.

This session was followed by a comprehensive topical legal update. This started with an update on case law relating to annual leave and overtime pay from Andrew Rowland at Capsticks, and was followed by a session on the regulations on Shared Parental Leave (SPL) helpfully made clearer by Stuart Craig from Mills and Reeve.

One interesting point to take away from Andrew’s session was that we have not yet had the rush of claims we were potentially expecting from workers who want to claim long-term back pay for holiday pay claims, and they only have a couple of weeks left. This is because claims will be limited to two years before the date the claim is lodged once the Deduction from Wages (Limitation) Regulations 2014 come into force from 1st July 2015.

With regards to the headache-inducing SPL, Stuart Craig highlighted the importance of observing the dates for eligibility criteria and notifications employees must give to begin SPL. It was a healthy reminder to all present to get ahead of the curve and ensure their policies are clear and they have standard letters at the ready to make life easier. It didn’t seem to come as a huge shock to those attending the event that the take-up so far for this had been fairly low!

The panel debate that followed was a lively one with lots of questions delving into the topics of the day in more detail and a pleasant lunch overlooking the beautiful race track rounded off an informative and enjoyable morning.

Thanks again to all the speakers and everyone who attended the event, and if you didn’t manage to attend, make sure you don’t miss out on our next event in October!

Laura Bevan
Associate Director of HR
West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust


Welcome to the June edition of the HPMA membership newsletter.

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