Have you got the investment, determination and spirit to transform care?

 With funding just announced for transforming care projects, Kelly Abel calls on HPMA members to consider how best to share experiences so everyone can benefit from each other’s learning.

On 19th May NHS England published indicative figures for how much each part of England could see its budget grow by 2020, and the funding available for transformation, investing £112 million in the Vanguard projects as part of the Five Year Forward View.
It felt timely to reflect and review my previous blog when the vanguards were announced over a year ago to see how far some of this transformational change had gone. I mentioned the inertia that can exist in some organisations and how 'transformational change' has been happening for a while but in any case this type of change required investment, determination and spirit to make it successful.  
It appears these three are coming together in some parts of the country as health, social and community providers attempt to create new models of care but it’s not without big challenges.  
The previous blog highlighted that the criteria for success will not just be whether they can improve patient care but how these models will be adapted and replicated across other organisations. So we need to consider how to share our experiences as a group of professionals and learn from each other to showcase our skill sets and what we do best. And what better way than through the HPMA?
If the basics of what we do is to help our organisations build trusting, functioning relationships and bring different groups of people together with different values, governance, systems and expectations – this was never going to be an easy task. 
I had mentioned that If radical change is needed, then surely how we attract, recruit, retain and support our staff needs to change too.  'Wrap around care' 'single point of access' and 'teams looking after one patient' should be replicated for staff too? Research tells us (we always knew but it always helps with a business case for funding!) that dedicated, motivated and well supported staff = excellent patient care. For this to happen we need investment, technology, skills and for organisations to have more movement and freedoms that will help us consider innovative ways of working to support change.
Final decisions on funding allocations and its phasing will be completed once the local Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STP) have been submitted – so it is even more important to get the workforce requirements right in light of new models of care and integrated working.
So let’s share our experience:
Have you been involved in developing any of the ‘new’ workforce structures or models?
What about the legal, governance and contractual requirements?

How will we support each other as a profession and learn from our experiences?
How do we influence, lead and add value?
Is the spirit and determination there, is this something that you can recognise?
What have been the opportunities and barriers for you?
Kelly Abel is Head of Workforce for the Cancer Programme at Guy's and St Thomas's Foundation NHS Trust

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