HPMA North West Branch Workforce Streamlining Event

The HPMA North West Branch was delighted to partner a Workforce Streamlining Event held at Haydock Racecourse on Tuesday 17 May. The event was organised by the North West Streamlining team who are funded by HEE and was sponsored by NHS Employers. It brought together over 100 HR staff from across the North West to formally launch the programme and network.
The morning sessions focused on establishing the case for change, learning lessons from other successful streamlining programmes, building on the success so far in the North West and setting the scene for the important role of the HR professionals leading improvements in efficiency and employee experience. Workshop sessions in the afternoon explored the individual workstreams and sub-regional progress and governance.
The event was also a valuable opportunity to re-establish the role of the HPMA across NHS organisations in the North West. I shared some of the slides presented by Deborah Tarrant at the recent national HPMA Launch Event in London and also presented a summary of the North West Business Plan.
Delegates were asked to complete a pro forma given to them at registration asking “What are the learning needs of HR teams in relation to workforce streamlining and other system and workforce change programmes?” and “How can the HPMA network in the North West support you to address these?” The responses received will be used to help design the HPMA North West Event being planned for autumn 2016.
Overall, using the event to raise awareness of the HPMA in the North West proved very successful and the wide range of delegates in the audience made it particularly valuable. I get a great deal of personal satisfaction from seeing people develop and grow in confidence and skills and I shared with delegates my history with NAHSPO, AHHRM and HPMA including the impact on my career development and networks.
I also talked about the fun I have had as a Branch Committee member then Chair over the years which must have worked because an added bonus was that by the end of the event I had a few more volunteers to join the Branch Committee who will bring fresh skills and enthusiasm!
Janet Wilkinson
HPMA Vice President for the North West branch
Director of HR and Organisational Development
University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust

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