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 Dear Members, VPs, Partners and Colleagues

Firstly before we get on to HPMA business I wanted to take a moment to mention the events of the weekend. I am sure you will be shocked and saddened by recent terrorist attacks in Paris and other places in the World. It is difficult to comprehend the degree of man’s inhumanity to man at times like this. Our condolences and thoughts are with everyone affected by these atrocities.
Even more so at times like this it is important for us to ensure we promote and value diversity and democracy. We must not allow people to be discriminated against because of their religion or any other characteristic. Our organisations work because of the rich diversity of our people and we value this. We must also ensure we are vigilant at all times and encourage staff to report any concerns. I look to you all to promote this in our organisations. Thank you.
In this digital age we are increasingly reliant on social media to communicate. That is how so many of us found out about the recent events so quickly. So how is HPMA working to ensure we are embracing modern communications? It is crucial we use every method to promote the NHS and recruit through digital means. So let’s start with LinkedIn.
We know that LinkedIn is involved with the public sector talent solutions, currently supporting central government and some large NHS trusts to develop their recruitment strategies, access ‘passive jobseekers’ and use innovative ways to recruit etc.
If you want to find out more about how LinkedIn could help you, there is a new toolkit from NHS Employers on getting the basics in place to use LinkedIn as part of your recruitment strategy
It’s also worth having a look at this blog which has pointers to get started
We also have two articles on the website which give tips on making the most of LinkedIn. and , also don't forget to follow HPMA on linkedin .
This has also made us think more about the potential to expand our HPMA networks using LinkedIn. The HPMA London Academy aims to put everything they send out to the branch on LinkedIn to develop their page. It would be great if all HPMA members and those who have specific roles could include this in their profile and link to the HPMA company page in their LinkedIn job roles. This will help to connect you and also to promote the HPMA. Has your organisation signed up and if not have you asked if they would like to?
With my best wishes for a safe and productive week 

Welcome to the June edition of the HPMA membership newsletter.

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