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Welcome to our second issue this month. As always we have lots to keep us busy in the people and healthcare world. Whilst the junior doctors’ contract negotiations and accompanying industrial action has been challenging we have now reached a point where decisions have been made and we can focus on implementing the contract in the best way we can in our organisations.
The final contract is an improved position on the November offer and all the issues raised by the BMA, other than Saturday pay rate, have been resolved. We are grateful to all who have worked over a long period to get to this point. While many of us have asked the question – and rightly so, ‘Do we have to implement?’ I think it would be unwise for the service if we don't.
We need consistent application across the NHS to give certainty and stability for our doctors and our patients. NHS Employers are issuing information and guidance for implementation. In support I am asking the branch VPs if there is any assistance we can provide to HR practitioners through events locally. So please ask them if you think this would be of use.
I hope that you have used the opportunity to improve engagement with your junior doctor workforce, as we have at my trust, through listening events and direct communication. They are usually a group of staff that is difficult to reach and it is important we hear their voices and listen to them.
As you know HPMA has applied for charitable organisation status and we await the outcome of this application. We are also holding consultation events on our vision and strategy for the next five years. Your VPs and branch leads will be discussing this with branch members and attending a national council strategy session in March so please let them have any thoughts you have on this.
In this issue we look at the exciting work being done in the Patient First programme and continue our series on how HR can become a strategic partner. And pause for a moment of reflection – do you think you are an HR enabler or the process police? Read our blog…
Thank you as ever for all the good work you do to improve people management in your services for the benefit of our patients. And don't forget to showcase your work by entering the HPMA Excellence awards!

This issue brings you a round-up from our UK Conference in Manchester last month with articles fr

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