Northern Ireland branch – sharing our work

Established originally in the early 1980s, the Northern Ireland Branch has members in all the major health and social care organisations in NI. It is a vibrant and innovative Branch. We have an extensive HR community across organisations with a wealth of experience, ambition and drive.
The HSCNI workforce numbers 70,000 who work for five HSC trusts. All the trusts are members of the HPMA, making a total of 450 people who are members.
It is important for us to ensure that we continue to develop our professional networks both internally e.g. with education departments, and externally e.g. with IHM and CIPD. This is also critical across other groups and not simply HR. We believe it is vital for HSC organisations to work collectively – in increasingly challenging environments – to promote efficiency and effectiveness and to problem-solve together.
What do we offer in our branch?
Our ethos is to ‘promote, strive for and celebrate excellence’. We are currently developing and reviewing a suite of development programmes for HR staff at all levels – working regionally to ensure consistency across a large cohort of HR professionals.
We arrange two conferences for HPMA members targeting key themes such as Engagement. We also organise development days, suggested by members at all levels, such as a recent workshop on HR Analytics. The yearly AGM is also followed by an employment law update.
We have a local Excellence Awards Ceremony HR Team, HR Rising Star, HR professional – a well attended event. As a region HMPA NI is a regular award winner and contributor to the regional excellence awards.
Following on from last year’s very successful conference on ‘Engagement: the game changer’, we invited Tim Pointer to join us for a workshop/master class to continue the conversation on getting the engagement strategy underway – with tips and tools to keep it on track. 
Our plans for the future
Our three-step plan is to:
·         Build membership
·         Develop competence, confidence and credibility
·         Provide member-led world class healthcare.
To achieve this, we are enhancing and increasing our online presence using social media. We have developed a theme per month suggested by members and a thought-for-the-day on a Friday – again nominated by our members. All Trusts are actively promoting a professional approach for HR staff at all levels.
We are also embedding the competency framework to develop a consistent approach to HR professional staff and ensuring engagement of our members at all levels to enhance collaboration.
A key priority for us is to provide education and training activities that complement other national and regional initiatives and to particularly address gaps identified at the middle and junior levels of HR.
Ultimately we share a vision to become world class and this unites us behind a common cause.
Catherine Shannon
Senior HR Manager
Musgrave Park Hospital

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