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Lessons from a 1980’s pop song

Jeanette Crisp argues we should give people time to make changes in the way they perform at work.
“It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it,” according to the pop groups Bananarama and The Fun Boy Three in a classic 1980’s song. I would have to disagree in terms of service delivery – what you do is incredibly important as people need to have the technical skills and capabilities to deliver their role, but the way that you do things does seem to have become more and more important.

Be loud, be proud

It’s that time of year when the sun starts to shine … the days grow longer … the boat race is on … the Grand National has just taken place … and the awards’ ceremonies season is starting to ramp up.

We are notoriously bad in HR for telling people what we do well and what we are proud of – I suspect this may be because, outside our own profession, people normally only talk about how dreadful their experience of HR has been and how they were once let down by an HR person, team or processes.

Are you ready for the new style CQC inspections?

So this week I have been involved in doing some training with an HR team in an NHS Trust to help them think about how they might prepare for a CQC inspection. The changes to the CQC regime, moving to a ‘key lines of enquiry’ approach rather than a ‘yes/no – have we met the standards’ approach shifts the emphasis of the inspection and will prove an interesting challenge to trusts. There are a few trusts that have been through this revised process already and their CQC reports are worth having a read through.

This issue brings you a round-up from our UK Conference in Manchester last month with articles fr

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