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What does Total Reward really mean?

It’s time to remember the good things about working in the NHS, argues Richard Edge.
If you are reading this, the likelihood is that you are a HR professional.
Therefore when you hear the phrase ‘Total Reward’, you will automatically know what it means. If this was a blog written for a more diverse audience, perhaps incorporating more of our Operations and Finance colleagues, you may receive a few more blank looks.

Have a KitKat!

I recently stumbled across an article on ‘The HR Grapevine’ that made the bold statement: ‘37% of HR professionals take 15 minutes or less for lunch per day and almost 17% take no lunch break at all’. The survey found that HR workers are more likely to spend their lunchtime at their desk than the average worker, with only procurement & supply chain and legal professionals coming higher.

Does this resonate with you?

Would the UK be healthier if we looked after the health of our staff?

I recently found myself privileged enough to be able to attend the World Innovation Summit for Health, in Qatar. ( For those who aren’t aware, this is an annual summit that occurs in Doha, the Qatari capital, with a sole focus on creating a healthier world through Global collaboration.

Why saying good morning should be part of your professional development

Like many of you I have always had an eye on my own continuing professional development and given serious thought to what areas of HR/OD I need to expand my horizons with. While my CPD has always been somewhere in the back of my mind, I would be kidding myself (and you) if I were to say that my attention to it was consistent, thorough and ever-present.

The November issue of our HPMA membership newsletter showcases members' Black History Month celeb

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