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A Personal Experience - Compassionate Care

I am writing this blog, not from my desk but from a hospital ward as I have been a regular carer over the last two weeks in two different NHS hospitals – one for my son and one for my father. In the main the care has been very good, and in some parts excellent. In those areas where compassion and skills were lacking, this was nearly always temporary until the next shift arrived with the promise of even better care (mostly).

Game, Set & Match

As I sat on Centre Court last week (I’m a veteran camper of Wimbledon over many years) I was thinking about the similarities between tennis and the NHS (displayed in green brackets naturally) and being the best you can be…..

1. Tennis is a sport based on unpredictability (quite a bit of this in healthcare)

Have you written your manifesto yet?

So by the time you read this we should know who will be leading the government for the next term of office. Personally I struggled to initiate any enthusiasm to decide where my vote should go. The main parties’ manifestos were seriously lacking in substance; although the National Health Action Party (NHA) and a new emerging sort of political party called ‘Something New’ had more interesting things to say.

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Tues 16 April Judging Day

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