Exciting Times

We are entering a new, important and exciting time in the life of HPMA.  When I became President in April I realised how much HPMA had grown and wanted to ensure HPMA had a firm foundation in terms of organisation form, effective governance and use of resources to grow and develop further.  This is critical to fulfil our core purpose to improve the nation's health through the development of people management; and provide the most benefit to all our members.  Therefore, I commissioned a governance review and I am pleased to inform you that the review process is complete and the National Council has agreed to apply to the Charities Commission for HPMA to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. 
I appreciate that you may not be interested in the technicalities of this, however, it is important in that it will provide HPMA with a legal form so we can enter into contracts, employ people to provide members with more benefits and also limits the risks and liabilities of those on the National Council and our members.  Being a Charity, HPMA will also benefit from favourable tax treatment and will compare well with other organisations, like the CIPD, HFMA, NHS Confederation and many of the Royal Colleges as these are all charities.  
We will be finalising the application at our National Council meeting this week and I will keep you informed of the progress of the application. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Governance Group and all those that have been involved in the considerable amount of work that has been involved in getting to this stage.  
This is the beginning of a new chapter for HPMA as an Incorporated Charity and we will now turn our attention to our strategy and how your local Vice Presidents and their branches can operate and grow to provide more events, development opportunities and share best practice across the UK. 
Now back to BAU. All of us in healthcare are aware of the challenges of recruiting and retaining people with the right skills and behaviours and our reward strategies are a key part of getting this right.  Inside this edition we have a blog about Total Reward by Richard Edge explaining how to value what good things the NHS already does in terms of rewarding staff.  We sometimes neglect to appreciate and promote all the benefits of NHS employment terms and all the extra initiatives organisations have in place.  What do you do in your organisation?
As we approach the onset of winter please ensure you look after yourselves and keep fit and well.  Have you had your flu jab yet?  Are you aware you can carry the virus without actually 'getting' the flu? We need to be role models for our people in the healthcare industry.  Please help keep your family, friends and our patients and colleagues well this winter. 
Have a good week
Best wishes

This issue brings you a round-up from our UK Conference in Manchester last month with articles fr

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