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“Sharing good practice is one of the HPMA’s key roles and the HPMA Awards are an important opportunity for learning; not only from the winners and finalists but also from the very good submissions that don’t make our finals. This is why the Association is launching IDEASBANK to capture more examples of innovative practice, share lessons learnt and promote useful tools and templates across the HR profession.
“Imagine what an impact we could make on the health of the population if these high quality HR practices were happening consistently all across the UK.”

Kevin Croft
HPMA Past President

Ideasbank is a depository for practical materials for HR professionals hosted on the HPMA website.

It’s easy resource sharing, giving our members access to invaluable short cuts, step by step processes, lessons learnt and useful templates: all to save HR professionals time in their working day.

The submissions will include programme stories and award winning projects, but we would aim to also bring members access to resources that are “work in process”.

Ideasbank is independent and unbiased - so not related to any products or service.

Content would submitted by HR professionals (including members and supporting organisations), then edited for readability and a degree of uniformity. We are also planning significant research time and marketing to populate the database.

Submissions will also be peer reviewed, to ensure quality and relevance.

Members will be able to search Ideasbank on category areas, region and resource type.

Click here to view the Ideasbank Directory.

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