Products & Services

The HPMA wants to forge productive and effective working relationships with its commercial members and supporters.

In 2011 we established the HPMA Productive Partnerships Initiative, where commercial partners generously shared their expertise, time, capacity and resources with the association and its branches, in return for the opportunity to get closer to the NHS. And in 2013 we have updated this brochure for branch programme planning.

We have directed the ‘contribution’ process so we can best match offers and interests of our commercial members with HPMA development needs. We hope to continue to develop our existing partnerships and forge new ones – with fair access to all.

It is our aim that we uncover commercial support for mutual benefit. In order to participate in the scheme you must be a commercial member but it is not a requirement of commercial membership to be involved in the scheme.

We continue have an open invitation to commercial supporters to contribute to 2nd online edition in the following two areas:

1. Workshops, conference, seminars, webinars, action learning sets and other development activities
2. Product and service discounts

If you would like to contribute or have any questions please contact Lauren Crawford ( 0208 334 4530) or Diana Cliff ( 020 7811 8558), they will be happy to answer any queries, particularly if you have a great idea but aren't sure where it best fits.