HPMA NI Award Winners 2018

 Our local HPMA NI awards recognise, reward and share outstanding work in HR by individuals and teams who have made a real difference to their organisation, department or indeed the region. We recieved 29 submissions, our biggest in the 5th year of our local awards. The awards are aligned closely to the national HPMA awards with 5 categories in total. Please find the winners of the HPMA NI Awards 2018 below:

HR Rising Star (Alan Gilbert Memorial Award) sponsored by Matrix
Winner – Peter Kane Belfast Trust

Peter exemplifies the Trusts values by continually striving to improve his team and the Trust. With no prior health and social care experience, he is a first class trainer who delivers value workshops to improve patient care, which has gained him great respect from others. He is self- taught on technology (Page Tiger) which has resulted in the Trust’s first digital corporate welcome toolkit and various other Trust productions which has yielded significant cost savings and overcome security and accessibility barriers. He has also raised the profile of Quality 2020 and achieved the Dept. target of 30% attendees by December 2017 with a further 10% expected by March 2018.
Peter always goes the ‘extra mile’ and using his innovation, creativity and IT knowledge, has greatly improved accessibility rates for frontline staff to training information. Through a better interactive IT approach to on-boarding new hires through smartphone and PC technology, he has increased their motivation and inspiration. His passion, warmth and enthusiasm is contagious, he has built a strong network of internal and external colleagues who find him hardworking, likeable and creative and while doing his best to better himself, he is also very willing to share his knowledge and take the time to develop and support others.
The judges commented that Peter is evidently a self-starter and a colleague who is driven to share his knowledge and skills and strives to deliver high quality.

Runner Up - Mary Dinsmore Northern Trust, Louise Rainey Southern Trust

HR Professional of the Year sponsored by Healthshield
Winner - Noeleen McCreanor South Eastern Trust

Noeleen is an Assistant Director of HR in SETrust with over 10 years experience. She has been nominated for her outstanding contribution to HR which has resulted in improved services for patients and clients both within the trust and across the HSC.
Noeleen is renowned for her collaborative approach and expertise and was nominated by the regional HR directors to pioneer a full reformation of recruitment services in NI which she has fully embraced by working collaboratively with regional HR managers and heads of service. Through better use of technology she has developed a comprehensive and inclusive programme of engagement with wider stakeholders to gain a greater understanding of the recruitment journey from all perspectives. Noeleen has always emphasised the individual as the heart of the organisation, and by role modelling compassionate leadership, lives by the principle of staff “being guests in people’s lives” thus creating a culture that people want to be part of and an environment that fosters innovation and productivity.
Noeleen has contributed to several achievements over the last 12 months including:
21% growth in corporate bank usage resulting in £1.16 m savings
Lead Trust advisor on regional nursing and medical recruitment initiatives
Led in-house medical locum model and saved £140k of agency fees
Creation of a Trust Bereavement Service to mark the contribution of deceased staff
Noeleens qualities includes having a flexible, proactive, strategic and structured approach. She fosters a culture of openness humanity and support through her passion, curiosity and integrity. Noeleen always treats people fairly and injects a sense of fun to make work enjoyable.She is truly a compassionate leader who embodies the qualities and spirit of collaboration, communication and care and has engendered unwavering loyaly and commitment from all she works with.

Runner Up - Joanne Turner Belfast Trust, Samantha Lynch Western Trust

HR Team of the Year sponsored by Inspire
Winner - Trust Corporate Bank Team South Eastern Trust

The SET corporate bank team provides a highly responsive and efficient service which supports safe, high quality service and experience across the Trust by gathering invaluable intelligence and understanding the various pressure points.
The improved use of technology has been critical to ensure that the bank fill rate was maximised thereby freeing up time for office staff to concentrate on harder to fill shifts. The launch of the self-booking site Employee Online has ensured that 8500 banks shifts have been directly booked and a private Facebook page has been a huge success with 800 members and 1200 shifts covered also. The team is a fantastic example and role model of true collective leadership. They hold huddles each day at 2.00pm to assess the mornings work and re-prioritise for the afternoon. They hold monthly meetings to plan, share information and discuss improved ways of working and together agree the priorities for the month ahead. Team members are all encouraged to regularly challenge how they perform their tasks and to trial new ideas. The team, using the Aston Team Performance Inventory tool have developed their own set of corporate bank values and behaviours which are aligned to the Trusts values and behaviours. This underpins how they work everyday and secures the full engagement of all members in the team.
The judges commented that there was good evidence of how the service has benefited from cohesive relationships with trust managers which has allowed bank staff to focus on getting their job done and was an example of team working and collaboration to achieve this.

Runner Up – Employment Equality Team Belfast Trust, Employee Relations Team Western Trust

Innovation in HR Award sponsored by Selenity
Winner - Medical Recruitment & Reform Project Team Western Trust

The international Medical Recruitment and Reform Project was established in 2015 as a 3 year quality improvement initiative aimed at improving the quality and accessibility of services for patients and a reduction in the reliance and expenditure of agency locums. Traditional recruitment methods were replaced with alternative innovation approaches which included close collaboration with a single recruitment agency to source doctors from around the world; timely, targeted campaigns, technological opportunities utilised and processes which took account of the needs of international doctors. This required a shift from traditional ways of working and to develop pioneering systems and a change in mind-set and attitude of staff.
A project board was established and it awarded a single recruitment agency contract to a London based agency to work solely with the Trust. The project developed a strong relationship with the agency to ensure close alignment with the Trust's business objectives and development of a proactive, tailored approach to filling vacancies. New ways of working included skype interviews, bespoke induction programme recognising particular needs of the doctors, enhanced governance arrangements and retention strategy to ensure conversion to permanent contracts where appropriate.
To date 54 doctors have commenced and 26 are progressing in the recruitment process. Most doctors have taken an extension to their initial 1 year contract and 4 have become permanent. Additionally 5 agency doctors have converted to NHS contracts. These have resulted in annual savings of approx £1.5 millionsThe project has enabled international best practice to be shared and has resulted in modern clinical interventions being introduced. Additionally there is now a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Following assessment 80% of doctors have accepted extensions beyond their initial contract and the feedback from clinical leads has been extremely positive. Judges commented that this project has taken a very different approach and solution to a previous recruitment issue and appears to have been very successful.

Runner Up – Education, Learning & Development Team Southern Trust, OWD & Practice Education South Eastern Trust

Health & Wellbeing Award sponsored by Vivup
Winner - Health & Wellbeing Strategy Business Services Organisation

Due to high levels of absence costing BSO and client organisations over £1.4m, BSO analysed absence rates and found that 30% of overall absence was down to mental health reasons. In April 2017 they launched Global Corporate Challenge which lasted 100 days and involved teams running/walking/cycling more than 10k steps per day in a fun yet competitive programme. This resulted in the BSO being the 5th most active organisation in health and medical industry and also they raised 3k for charity through 95 mile cycle challenge.
At the same time, BSO launched the ‘Success, not Stress’ app to help staff become healthier, sleep better, eat better etc. and have a more positive impact on health and wellbeing. Through the app, staff receive information on how well they slept, exercised and this information has reduced mental health absence by 2,500 hours compared to previous year, aiming to see a 10% reduction in mental health absence by March 2017. More employees are now aware of their daily activities, diet, weight, sleep and commitment to BSO. Anyone at risk of mental health is signposted to Employee Assistance programme via the app on their smartphone, which aids confidentiality and empowers staff to look after their health. The judges said “this is a well documented innovative initiative aimed at engaging staff.

Runner Up – Consultant Clinical Psychologist for Staff Wellbeing Northern Trust, Livewell in SET South Eastern Trust

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