Improving employee case management through ER tracker

 Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has recently gone live with a new service to enhance its employee relations case management. This has meant they now have efficient reporting, visibility and ease of access to all their employee relations cases.  Chloe Middleton from Software Europe reports.

Difficult access to data had made reporting and analysis impossible for Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Operating from an Excel spreadsheet, the 10 employee relations case workers were only able to access the spreadsheet consecutively for fear of corrupting, or over writing data across its yearly caseload of 1,200.
With this time-intensive process in place, it made simple tasks such as reporting completely unachievable. “It is almost impossible for us to use it for creating reports without significant manual intervention,” said Jo Fanning, Head of Employee Relations.
The introduction of ER Tracker into the Trust has helped improve its performance in a number of ways:
·         The software has enabled the team to identify delays and blockages in their steps, making it easier to streamline processes and make improvements to efficiency. This was due to the easy to use interface, fast implementation and tailorable features of ER Tracker.
·         The service enables the employee relations team to analyse other data in the system, such as the number of cases live in a period of time, trends in cases, types of case, etc. to really scrutinise case progress
·         The service can be used to automate reporting. As such, the HR team will be able to provide more information to the wider organisation and third-parties.
 For further information, contact Chloe at:
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