Meeting the challenges of the future

 The last in a series of six articles written by Karen Jones and Joanne Spencer looks at how to ensure the changes you have made become part of your everyday practice and how to review what would have been even better to do to learn positive lessons for the future.

With our final article of the series, we are at the end of the change journey. Or are we? For us, the words of Benjamin Disraeli ring so true: “Change is inevitable, as all change is a constant.”
In the final stages of implementation, it is important that you take time to look back and consider the changes which have taken place and the progress which has been made. Checking that you have delivered what was planned in the initial Business Plan and what was scoped in the Pre-contemplation, Contemplation and Decision phases of the planning is key to ensuring that you are actively changing the areas you targeted at the outset.
The Circle of Change model adapted by the Coaching Academy (as below) is a useful model to work through throughout the change process and it’s the final two stages of ‘Maintenance’ and ‘Relapse’ which can often get forgotten, because change plans generally stop on or just after the ‘go live’ date.
It’s in these stages that we can really challengeourselves to think about ‘What has gone well’ and ‘What would have been even better if’ in terms of how the change has been managed to date. It’s this review which will enable us to start to think about the actions needed to maintain the change as it transitions into BAU (business as usual).
The positive tone of the statement: ‘What would have been even better if’ is designed to ensure the ‘challenge’ is forward looking and constructive in nature. The aim is to apply the good things that have been learnt as opposed to being drawn back to what hasn’t been achieved, focusing on what has gone wrong or at the very worst…who is to blame!
·         Throughout the change process, ‘constructive challenge’ is a key component and it’s helpful to build this into your own change mindset by considering:
·         How good you are at taking the positive reframes of challenge into the future?
·         How confident are your managers at requesting and embracing challenge from their teams?
·         How good are your staff at knowing that change is a constant?
In the first article, you may remember that we offered to deliver a Change Management masterclass for one of the HPMA associations and it was with great delight that we were invited to work with the West Midlands Branch on 2nd March. We were joined by over 30 HR colleagues and had a productive three hours together exploring some new and interesting concepts on managing change. The feedback from the attendees at the masterclass was excellent, and David Holmes, HPMA Chair for the Branch commented: “I'm delighted to hear that the event went so well. I'm sorry I wasn't able to be there personally. Once again I would really like to thank you for your support to HPMA.”
If you would see value in finding more about the areas we have shared with you in these articles or would like to discuss other was as to how we can support you or your organisation with managing sustainable change, please do get in touch by visiting our website, or dropping us an email at
Karen Jones and Joanne Spencer
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