Streamlining employee relations case management

 Chloe Middleton from Software Europe looks at the benefits one trust found of using ER Tracker to improve the management of employee relations cases.

After having previously outsourced their employee relations case management process, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust had encountered issues with communication, overall translation of how the system worked and the results. It was for this reason they began to look for a new system that would be easily accessible to all users with different information to be available at the relevant levels.
“We were looking for something that wasn’t overly complicated and was user friendly. We needed to be able to record and log ER cases on a daily basis, be able to access those records easily, and report quickly and accurately when needed,” explains Ronnie Davidson, Head of Employee Relations at the trust.
The implementation of Software Europe’s cloud-based ER Tracker enabled all the information and progress of all cases to be easily accessed from anywhere at any time.
With the new system in place, the benefits have spanned both internal and external teams. Internally the trust has a KPI (key performance indicator) process in place to resolve each case within 90 days – a challenge for a growing trust of 5,200 employees. The internal teams soon found targets much more achievable with the ability to identify blockers within the process much more efficiently, speeding up the whole process. External requests were also efficiently processed – with easy access to accurate data and reports, requests such as those from unions and ones under the Freedom of Information Act were easily met.
The trust found that the speed they were able to close cases increased. This was achieved through better visibility of stages and actions, and real-time dashboards that allowed them to see each case’s status along with notification prompting them when an action was due.  A centralised system now allows the trust to analyse their case data better allowing them to identify patterns leading to a more proactive and efficiency process. Read the full case study here
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