Improving case management

Chloe Middleton from Software Europe looks at the importance of making sure employee relations cases are properly tracked and monitored.
Managing employee relations cases can be a mammoth task and quite often will take up a lot of valuable time. Cases that aren’t dealt with properly can result in costly affairs such as employment tribunals. Therefore, making sure that each stage of the process is tracked, recorded and monitored properly is vital.
Three ways in which case management can be improved are:
·         Proactive monitoring – different stages of a case require certain outputs, and different policies have varying time frames. Unfortunately this makes it difficult to keep on top of everything; however, it is highly recommended you do.
·         Using analytics – data collection needs to be extended and reports need to be produced at each stage throughout the case to enable a proactive case management.
·         Moving beyond spreadsheets – businesses need automated processes in place. Spreadsheets are unable to track the length of different stages within the case life and simply become far too complicated when dealing with a lot of cases at any one time.
Moving beyond spreadsheets and improving the management of ER cases can be assisted by Software Europe’s Employee Relations maturity model. The model consists of five steps to recognise what it takes to move from reactive data recording to proactive case management. Using this model will inevitably reduce costs and time spent. The steps are as follows:
1.       Manage and update case day-to-day – recording of dates, providing written warnings and recording any meetings that took place.
2.       Analyse cases using various dimensions – recording case department, line manager, outcomes and employee demographics.
3.       Analyse where costs occur and the amount of time spent on a case – time spent on a case by HR and investigators, number of fays the employee was suspended, legal costs, mediation costs, etc…
4.       ‘Why’ analysis/root cause – all data can be turned into insightful and meaningful data to identify root causes.
5.       Review and benchmark open cases – reminders and automatically generated emails should be implemented here.
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