Replacing agency staff with permanent workers

Robert Peasnell from TMP gives some tips on how to recruit staff.
“ ... Help - we need to dramatically reduce our agency spend... and quickly!” Sound familiar?  TMP are frequently receiving calls like this from HPMA members and thought it worth providing HR teams with some tips on how to stand out in what is a highly competitive recruitment market.
Even if the Monitor Price Cap Consultation paper is accepted in full, it’s still recognised that agency staff will cost 55% more than the permanent equivalent, making the drive to reduce agency workers – and associated costs – a priority.
So, apart from looking overseas, what can Trusts do? Here’s a quick checklist to ensure you’re doing the most to attract direct talent:
  1. Advertising beyond the standard nursing channels
Our research shows that the traditional nursing titles – both press and online – are failing to attract candidates. We are having much more success in harnessing Google, Facebook and other social media channels to reach passive job seekers.
  1. Relevant careers content on your website
Too often a Trust’s website has very limited content about what it’s like to work there. Compare that to other employers’ websites which offer a richer, more engaging candidate experience.  Do you have videos of your current staff and content about the culture, values and working environment?
  1. Harness social media
Doubtless you’ll have corporate Twitter and Social Media sites. Are you using these effectively to promote your employer brand? Have you identified the more prolific social media users amongst your staff and provided them with content to share? Do you ‘own’ your Glassdoor profile?
  1. Improve your Open Days
Many Trusts run rolling open days for recruitment. However, recent research amongst nurses shows a high level of dissatisfaction with aspects which could be easily improved – better signage, seating, refreshments etc.
  1. Candidate & client care
Are your recruitment team delivering a high touch experience for managers and candidates – or are they administrators handling transactions? As the recruitment market tightens you may need to look at upskilling or changing the capability.
  1. Direct sourcing and cutting out agencies
Are you harnessing the power of Linkedin and other networking platforms to identify and approach relevant candidates directly?
One Trust has saved £150,000 in agency fees by recruiting more proactively for corporate roles.

Hopefully this provides some food for thought.  TMP provide a free recruitment audit for HPMA members. For more information contact Tel : 07901 591 306. 

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