West Midlands Senior HR practitioner event

On Monday 6th October the second senior HR practitioner event was held at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham on behalf of West Midlands HPMA. Suzanne Hartshorne reports.

The event, entitled 'Impact and Influence', attracted 50 HR practitioners from across the West and East Midlands. The event was chaired by Suzanne Hartshorne, Deputy HR Director from UHBFT and Deputy Chair of the West Midland branch and Sharon Wynne, Deputy Head of HR at Birmingham Children's Hospital and branch committee member.
The conferences key note speaker was Ann Pope, HRD from South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust who told the delegates about how she made her way from being a medical secretary all the way to HRD of a foundation trust in some not so easy steps with difficult conversations and dilemmas all the way. Ann told the delegates about situations that she was warned to stay away from that she knew weren't right and needed tackling; she said it's not always easy to do the right thing and if it doesn't feel right then it's probably not. Ann left the delegates with tips on influencing the board, where she said that it was important to understand the organisation's agenda on that day and that informal networks are powerful – a few words in influential ears pay dividends!
The most well received part of the day was the forum theatre from ‘Role Plays for Training’, where actors played out scenes with stop, start buttons when it all started to go wrong! The delegates guided the actors on how to act to influence a peer and a senior to do what they needed. Picture the scene where a full-of-himself TV director tries to get a difficult colleague to release one of her staff by disparaging her new TV project! His arrogant approach did not go down well and he had to take some sarcastic jibes to get to his goal. Fabulous company that we would recommend to others. Contact Fergus Mclarnon at mail@roleplays.co.uk        
The afternoon was opened by Pat Hicks, Senior Advisor from ACAS, who talked to the delegates about mediation and what impact it can have on harmonious relationships at work and for the avoidance of litigation. Contactphicks@acas.org.uk 
The day ended with a fabulous session from one of HPMA’s sponsors, Mills and Reeve. An insight from the Employment Tribunal judge and partner at Mills and Reeve, Martin Brewer, on how to influence the tribunal from preparing the right witnesses for your case who are suitably dressed and on time to getting them in the best order for them to have the best impact i.e. not just before lunch or before home time! Martin talked about the situations you don't want to get into because they really don't look good at the ET i.e. long delays in process and not following your own policies.
The day concluded with a open Q&A session with Martin and fellow partner Jog Hundle, who answered the delegates’ own questions or random questions out of a hat!  The delegates took advantage of our kind sponsors who, as always, provided free legal advice on a wide range of subjects from TUPE, suitable alternative employment and trial periods to who not to do DBS checks on. Contact jog.hundle@mills-reeve.com    http://www.mills-reeve.com   
The day evaluated exceptionally well and we look forward to the third event as part of the 2016/17 programme.
Suzanne Hartshorne, Deputy Director of HR, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust & Deputy Chair of West Midlands HPMA Contact: Suzanne.Hartshorne@uhb.nhs.uk


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