New set of apprenticeship standards for HR professionals

A cross section of employers has been working on improving standards for apprentices, led by Marks and Spencer and heavily supported by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

In early December, the first draft of three standards were sent out for consultation with employers through the HPMA and NHS Employers at the same time as other sectors consulted with their own networks.

Two frameworks have now been agreed:

HR Support – designed for entry level professionals, progressing them through to an HR advisor level within 18 months to two years
HR Consultant/Partner – this apprenticeship is designed to lead individuals at an HR advisor level through to an HR business partner of equivalent manager with a specialist interest (ie resourcing or organizational development) within two to three years.

Unlike the existing apprenticeship standards, the new Trailblazers will not focus on portfolios and onerous evidence gathering but on a synoptic endpoint assessment.

The standards and assessment plans are awaiting approval by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills this month. It is anticipated that the new standards will then be launched later this year after the last stage of work is done to firm up the education and qualification frameworks.

For further information on this work, please contact Craig de Sousa, Deputy HR Director, Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust,

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