Commercial Sponsors and Commercial members

Discount products & services offered through our Productive Partnerships Initiative

  • Mills & Reeve  - four great offers for HPMA members.....
    1. Free attendance at our regular seminar programme held at each of Mills & Reeve offices.
    2. Free access to our Healthcare Resource Centre. Please visit Healthcare Resource Centre to find our more.
    3. Access to the HRD Helpline whereby HRDs are entitled to receive 30 minutes free telephone advice on any area of Employment Law.
    4. 25% discount on Dignity and Diversity online training for staff.
  • Zenon Consulting
    Zenon are pleased to offer a 10% discount on their fees to HPMA members.
  • Morgan Law
    Under the Commercial Resourcing Framework, Morgan Law offer a pre-agreed discounted rate on the supply of temporary workers and fixed term contractors, offering discounts of more than 1/3 off standard recruitment fee rates.
    They also discount on standard rates for NHS organisations that are looking to recruit a volume number of permanent appointments. Morgan Law are happy to continue to offer these discounted rates on recruitment services to HPMA members and can provide quotes on request. Contact Rebecca Beardwell on



For more information on HPMA's PPI please contact the HPMA admin office on


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