Commercial Opportunities

 The sponsorship team at HPMA are delighted to now offer a more comprehensive package of commercial opportunities with HPMA both centrally and regionally.


Contact Lee Spokes ( or Suzy Cook ( on 020 8334 4530 to find out how your organisation could work with HPMA.


Workshop proposals : Guidelines

Please complete the online form with details of your proposed workshop session by Friday 3 March 5pm. Joy Shepherd ( be co-ordinating the local branch planning committees and national conference planning group. Notification of the acceptance of your proposal(s) will be made by 14 April.

Each proposal will be reviewed by the branch or national planning committee, against the following criteria

  • How the subject matter follows the learning objectives for the HPMA event

  • How the proposed content maps to HPMA HR competencies and aligns to audience need

  • Assessment of how the session objectives can be met in the workshop time allotted (60/90 minutes)

  • How new and/or innovative the proposed content is

  • The quality of the proposal
  • Audience interaction potential

  • Cost/revenue to HPMA

By making a submission the organiser of the workshop proposal agrees that, if the proposal is accepted, their proposal may be published in event marketing materials and online at Please note that the organisation submitting the workshop proposal is responsible for ensuring that all session speakers have agreed to, and are available to participate.


Workshop formats

Workshops aim to increase the capacity and knowledge of delegates around the latest good practice, research, or innovative. The focus is on transferring knowledge through intensive interaction with the audience.

Workshops at these events can be 60 or 90-minutes in length, depending on the subject and approach. Workshop audiences will range from 20-50 participants. Organisers should indicate the workshop format and their preferred duration of the workshop, for instance:

• Regular workshop: 60 or 90-minute sessions with up to 4 presenters with ample time for audience interaction.

• Skills building seminar: 60 or 90-minute sessions, specifically organised to build the capacity and knowledge of conference delegates. Usually with 1-2 presenters and longer time for skills development and collaborative learning.

• Round table: 60 or 90-minute sessions with 3-5 panel discussants. They can each make a short presentation of a specific subject, which will be discussed between the panel members and audience.

• Pro/con session: 60 or 90-minute session on a debatable subject with speaker(s) in favour (pro) of the issue and speaker(s) to oppose it (con). Both (group of) speakers give a presentation, followed by remarks and discussion with the audience.


Suggested workshop themes (not exhaustive):

HR as strategic partner

o   improvement processes

o   developing a business case using workforce analytics

o   STPs/new models of care

o   Leadership and cultural change

o   Talent management

o   HR driving cultural change

o   Attracting workforce of the future


o   Reducing agency staff

o   Helping staff to cope with financial worries

o   Promoting health and wellbeing


o   Whistleblowing

o   Short-term/long-term sickness absence

o   Employment law update

o   Mediation/conflict resolution

o   Internal mediation v external mediation

o   Economics of workplace disputes

Personal development

o   Developing your career

o   Personal brand management

o   Improving your networks and/or social media and how it can work for you

o   Personal resilience and/or health and well being

o   Personal impact

o   Coaching approach

o   Difficult conversations

o   Persuading and influencing

o   Leadership through storytelling

o   Appreciative inquiry

o   Motivating others

Learning from others

o   Higher education

o   Military




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