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Welcome from the Academy Team 

Hello and welcome to our September newsletter. 

At our recent joint event with the HFMA on improving quality and productivity; challenges and solutions in managing temporary staffing, the room was jam packed with some of the NHS workforce from HR and finance, ready and raring to go to help untangle this difficult issue that continues to challenge all our organisations.

After some lively table discussions, there was a call for action. It was agreed this issue needed to be tackled collaboratively as well as in individual organisations. There were a number of ideas and examples to help start solving this crisis which some participants agreed to take back to the Temporary Staffing Forum.

Key actions and discussion points emerging from the session were;

  • Taking a comprehensive and strategic approach to temporary workforce and managing reduction on costs – looking at all 5 high impact actions
  • Using the resources that are already out there e.g. LPP's supplier evaluation tool
  • Learning good practice from others
  • How far can we go with an agency free strategy, at least in some areas of the Trust
  • Managing our internal workforce more effectively e.g. banks and rosters, use roster information more effectively
  • Driving down vacancies where we can eg HCAs and over recruiting
  • How far do we collaborate across organisations e.g. developing joint banks as in South West London, agreeing rates in particular areas of London

Click here to view the event slides

See also NHS Employers' workforce supply resources and slides on Derbyshire Communities' responsive workforce team.

Let’s build on our call for action and continue to work collaboratively on this issue. 

Inside this month's newsletter; 

  • Fantastic feedback 
  • Deputies Network
  • Upcoming events 
  • How to tell the future, a blog by Agi Kertynska 
  • Tweets of the month

We hope you enjoy reading and welcome any comments by tweeting us @HPMALondon

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PLEASE NOTE: Our Closing the Gap event has been postponed. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. 

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Fantastic Feedback 

After a short break in August, the London Academy is back with a busy event schedule leading up until the end of the year. Just this month we had four action learning events, as well as the third quarterly meeting on the Deputies Network and the first two days of our coaching skills programme. 

Since returning from our break, the events that we've delivered have received some excellent feedback scores, which we would like to share with you.

Your feedback at our events is crucial to delivering our programme, and also for the future of the London Academy.

We are also now trialling the way in which we receive your feedback by making it paperless. Instead of filling out a feedback form at the end of an event, after you have attended you will receive an email from us which will give you the option to go through to Survey Monkey to complete feedback for the event. By completing the feedback, it will also release your e-Certificate from the event.

We are doing with with this intention of improving the feedback process by making it easier for you to give specific feedback on items in which you enjoyed or perhaps wanted more scope from. 

If you are set to attend one of our events in the next few weeks, look our for the email and continue to help us by completing your feedback online. 

Deputies Network 

The quarterly meetings of the London Deputy Directors of HR Network are proving to be very popular this year, a recent tweet from Craig de Sousa, Deputy Director of HR at Moorfields Eye Hospital demonstrating the positive response it has been receiving. 

James Devine, Deputy Director of HR & OD at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children also expressed the positive impact the meetings are having in a recent blog post on LinkedIn. 

The fourth and final meeting will be held next month at Bevan Brittan in London on Tuesday 24th November. If you are in a deputy position and would like to attend. Please find out more information by following the link below and becoming a part of this great network.

Click here to find out more information 

Upcoming Events 

Developing Future Workforce Leaders: one year into the new CQQ inspection - key workforce themes 

There are just a few spaces remaining for next week's evening forum for deputy and associate directors of HR and senior HR professionals, hosted by Bevan Brittan.

This is an interactive peer group meeting which will provide attendees with an opportunity to hear presentations from our expert speakers and to contribute to the evening's discussion by exchanging views and sharing knowledge and best practice. 

It is jointly presented by the HPMA and Bevan Brittan LLP and is intended as part of a development programme focusing on the broader strategic HR agenda in the NHS.

Click here to find out more information and book your place now

Bullying and Harassment: Legal Update 

There are also only a few remaining spaces for next month's legal update on bullying and harassment, led by DACBeachcroft. 

More detailed information on this event will be realeased shortly.

Click here to book your place now 

How to tell the future, a blog by Agi Kertynska

Last week I attended the HPMA ‘Evolving Roles Enhancing Skills’ workshop. One thing that struck me was mentioning the importance of horizon scanning (HS). I have heard about HS before – in fact it was a mantra during my time at PHE, in the non-HR role. However, I have not come across it a lot in the HR world (workforce planning colleagues may say something different).

Is it because we are so consumed by current demands or is our mind set still quite transactional, or is it simply we just don’t know how to do HS? I would really like to hear what you think about it. 

Click here to read Agi's blog in full 

Tweets of the month 

Here's some of our favourite tweets this month. Make sure your getting involved on social media by following us @HPMALondon.

We always encourage your interaction on Twitter at our events, make sure your sending in your tweets to have a chance of making it into next month's newsletter. 

View our latest photos

We managed to capture some photos at our recent joint event with the HFMA on temporary staffing.

We will be uploading all of our event photos to our new Facebook page, so make sure you connect with us on there by following this link.

All the photos are available to view by clicking here.

Gosh invites you 

James Devine here, Deputy Director of HR & OD at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.

On Tuesday 3 November 2015, we are hosting a leadership development event here at GOSH. The event is in a TedEx format in that we have three guest speakers, all focussing on the skills you need to succeed in a leadership role.  The event is aimed at current and future NHS leaders.

I have reserved 10 places for HPMA deputy directors and/or those external to GOSH and are on a first come first served basis.  The cost is £125 per person.  If you would like to attend, please let me know ASAP. The details are below;

Tuesday 3 November 2015, 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Cheryl Lee will discuss 'courageous conversations’, Caroline Goyder will be exploring ‘confidence and credibility when speaking’ and a speaker TBC will discuss ‘what attributes are we looking for in a leader’.

We hope to see some of you there next month.

Click here to email James and book your place 

Fully accredited mediation training 

Eisele Consulting are offering HPMA members discount on workplace mediation and training consultancy on 28th - 30th October and 3rd and 4th November 2015. 

If you are interested in setting up mediation in your Trust, please get in touch to discuss further.

Click here to email Nicole 

Thank you for reading your newsletter 

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