May 2016

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Inside this month's edition; 
  • Introduction to our new HPMA London’s Vice President
  • Are you using our new HPMA Competency Toolkit?
  • Invite to the new HR network
  • Forthcoming events
  • Recent events
  • Developing the new Aspire programme for aspiring Deputy Directors
  • NEW Action Learning Set for band 6/7 HR professionals
  • Blogger’s corner

 Introduction to our new HPMA London Academy Vice President - Janet Lynch
‘I’ve been Director of Workforce and Education for Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust for nearly three years. My role is of course extremely busy and has many challenges, but I’m keen to become more involved in professional activities and leadership outside of the Trust and the London HPMA role provides that opportunity.  I’ve worked in NHS HR for almost 30 years, so I can demonstrate considerable commitment which I hope I can use to benefit the HPMA and the impact people management makes to patients.   My own career has hugely benefitted from professional development, networking and support, and through this role I’d hope to be able to continue to do the same for others.  My career started as a regional personnel trainee in the NHS in Merseyside. This helped me into fairly senior positions early on where I was able to see the difference good HR practice can make to the quality of healthcare and patient experience.  The early part of my career was spent in the North West, but I moved to London for my first Director position in 2000.  I’ve also worked in the East of England and Berkshire patches and have held board roles in a variety of NHS provider settings- acute, mental health and community.
I’ve always actively supported development in my own HR teams and am delighted to have seen previous deputies and team member’s progress into director and other senior roles in the NHS.  I’m very much looking forward to working with the HPMA London network and meeting many of you at some of our events.’
// will be working alongside the two new Deputy Vice Presidents:
Rachel Patterson and Craig de Sousa plus our interim Development Director, Rachael Tyler (nee Moench)

Working with students from the MA in Human Resource Management from the University of Greenwich, we have developed a new toolkit to support you to use the framework. 
The tools can help you start to use the HR competency framework throughout the lifecycle of all members of your HR team. You can develop the tools to suit your own organisation. 
CLICK HERE to download the tools.

Invite to scoping the new HR Network 

\HR\HPMA\People Management Academy\Comms\Newsletter Graphics\AcadLogo.PNGWould you like to expand your network of peer support? Broaden your knowledge of HR, OD and the health sector outside of your current role?

Come along and set up a new network for HR/OD practitioners working in the health sector in London?

Following demand from HR practitioners, the HPMA London Academy is setting up a network for HR/OD practitioners who work strategically with the business. You may, for example, be in a Head of Service role, a BP role or another role working strategically with managers.

We are facilitating a couple of scoping meetings to:

  • Create ownership of the network

  • Create a platform for the network to grow and develop

  • Determine what HR practitioners would like the network to look like

  • Start to develop the terms of reference for the network

This network is for HR/OD practitioners as individuals, rather than necessarily representing your organisation. Our aim is that it will be owned by the participants, the agenda led by the network, and should be focused around peer support and broadening knowledge (including outside your own particular job role and organisation)

There are other networks such as the HRD network, the Learning and OD network and the Deputies network. Whilst this network may link in with those networks, it will a separate network for HR and OD practitioners who do not participate in these networks.

Come along to one of the scoping meetings and have your say in how this network is set up. Rachael Tyler, experienced HRD and HPMA London Development Director will facilitate the meeting.

We have a maximum of 20 places at each meeting for people from a range of organisations. You need to come to one of the meetings, not both!

27 June 9am to 11am at Guy’s Hospital  – please book your place CLICK HERE

OR 18 July 3pm to 5pm at Great Ormond Street Hospital – please book your place CLICK HERE

Forthcoming Events

Fast-track Coaching skills - limited spaces available
Date: Monday 11th July, 09.30 to 13.30 and 14.00 to 17.30
This workshop is designed to provide a framework for coaching conversations, whether as a coach or a manager and develop coaching skills, doing ‘laser’/fast-track coaching.
This session will be run twice so please book either the Morning or the Afternoon session only
Date: Wednesday 8th June, 13.30 to 16.30
This master class is designed for understanding the impact of change on people and the influence this has on people's behaviour
Facilitator:Dr Keith Holdaway FCIPD
Date: Friday 10th June 10.00 to 16.00pm
This workshop is designed to enable participants to practice using data from a variety of sources to build compelling HR business cases
Facilitator:David Liddle
Date: Monday 13th June, 09.30 to 13.00pm
This workshop is designed to enable participants to use mediation skills to secure constructive outcomes to challenging issues

Recent Events

Thank you to Jane Keep for delivering a great session on organisational health. It was graciously hosted by Bevan Brittan This session was the first learning event in our new series supporting HR and OD practitioners with OD focused skills. 
What they thought? 
"The opportunity to participate and engage; network and have time to focus on issues other than the day to day!"
"I think the most useful part of the session was the simplification of organisational stress factors back to basic human needs and well-being a la Maslow. A pertinent reminder for us all to take care of ourselves as human beings first and foremost, before we can even begin to expect to influence complex organisational issues."

Thanks also to DACBeachcroft LLP who delivered a very popular session on disciplinaries and grievances.
What they thought? 
"I found it helpful to hear how other organisations deal with grievance and disciplinary within their own organisations. Something to think about for my own organisation.
"I found the content of the training extremely relevant and well pitched. The facilitators provided ample opportunity to clarify understanding, which is necessary with a topic that centres heavily on legal principles and is surrounded by ambiguity." 
Ruth Robinson delivered a brilliant session on strengths based skills assessment for HR Partners. The session provided an excellent opportunity for participants to reflect on how they would like to develop their key strengths. This was delivered as part of our new series of learning events to help HR professionals develop their personal impact. 
What they thought?
"Time of reflect on my personal strengths. Consideration of how people's strengths can be detrimental when they go into overdrive. How to constructively explain to staff how their strengths can be problematic in overdrive."
"It was an extremely positive session and one that has added value to myself and hopefully to the wider organisation."

Developing the new Aspire programme for aspiring Deputy Directors
We are very excited about our new development programme for aspiring Deputy Directors of Workforce and OD and are currently exploring our ideas with potential providers. Thanks to all our Development Group members who engaged in our recent meeting to develop plans for the programme. Our plan is to publicise the Aspire programme during August and carry out the selection process in September with a view to the programme kicking off in November. 
This exciting programme will include a development centre, a modular programme, action learning sets, coaching/mentoring and a stretch project. 
Please start thinking about whether this programme fits in with your aspirations and personal development plans or whether you would like to nominate someone from your team. 

NEW Action Learning Set for band 6/7 HR professionals
We have a new action learning set for HR professionals (band 6/7) and need a few more people to join the group. Are you interested? The group is planning to meet on Wednesday mornings – (next meeting on 2 or 13 July). The group will be facilitated by Samantha Williams from the London Leadership Academy.
Please get in touch with if you’re interested. We need to know your job title, banding, and brief reasons why you’d like to join an action learning set.  


Bloggers Corner
It is relatively easy to describe the challenges NHS organisations face and the changes they must make, but it is only by transforming their established ways of working that they will be able to really implement what is demanded
“Ever heard of people getting fed up of HR? Richard has! Take a look at this month's blog to take on an interesting challenge.”
By Richard Edge, Senior HR & Workforce Consultant at Ara Darzi Qatar Ltd




"In our busy NHS workplaces how often do we consider 'Organisational Illness and dis-ease’?  What if there were a few root causes, and a few organisational development interventions that could support a solid foundation in our workplaces - for us all, and for the organisation as a whole?  What if our health, leadership health, team health and organisational health were the thing that gave us the edge on productivity and effectiveness at work? this blog highlights some of these issues and some of the ways forward.”
By Dr. Jane Keep

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