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Spreading the news

Since its re-launch in 2013, the West Midlands HPMA Branch has aimed to share excellent HR practice within the region and beyond. Our ambition has been to swell the number of applications for the prestigious HPMA National Awards from our region, and ultimately increase the number of trusts who could be shortlisted and crowned worthy winners.

Step by step guide to blog writing 1

Would you like to start writing a blog but don’t know how to go about it? In the first of a two-part guide, we explain how to choose a good subject and then in the next email, we will explain how to go about putting it together. We are always happy to receive blogs so here’s your chance to get your views out to the wider world!

1. Write down your thoughts

Have you ever had a great idea in the shower? You’re not alone. Keep a running list of ideas, no matter how far-out they initially seem. You never know what you can use in the future.

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